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Violation Of Rules In Flyff

Hello, players, hope you have a good time in Flyff. This article came from other site, let me introduce it to you. Depending on the severity of rule violation, the moderator/admin may take one of three actions, in order of least to most severe: PM Warning, Official Warning, Infraction.

Which of these actions are taken is based on multiple factors, but Flyff primarily: the history of the member, the assessed 'damage' from the violation and the intent of the member. 

- Official Warning
When we feel that the member slipped up and made a mistake, and need a gentle reminder,

Official Warnings are given. They, however, do leave a permanent record and will count against the member in future violations and may increase infraction points Flyff Penya received for future violations of similar nature.

- PM Warning
PM Warnings are usually given to new members or for new rules, in the case where we feel that the member only violated the rule due to ignorance. They do not officially count toward the member's record.

- Infractions
Depending on the violation, infractions are usually between 3-10 points and 7-13 days in duration.

Again, this is primarily based on: the history of the member, the assessed 'damage' from the violation and the intent of the member.After accruing 10 infraction points, the member will be automatically banned for 14 days. Once this time period is up, all points should have expired. Infractions and Warnings\received can be found in your User CP.

That's all, by the way, we can offer you Flyff Penya if you need at anytime. Welcome to Thepowerlevel, again.

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