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Flyff Penya>>News2009 >> The way of the Crucio Psykeeper in Flyff (part one)
The way of the Crucio Psykeeper in Flyff (part one)

Welcome to Goldicq, so glad to see you here, here is some infor in Flyff, take your time to have a look please

 1. Gianting

Crucio Psykeeper do not do well Gianting. Except, if you join gianting parties or find a gianting partner. Because of Crucio Psykeeper's full sta build, they can tank giants well, with this and Flyff Penya another player who does high damage, this makes a nice combo for Gianting. Even if you may have to share drops, as a Crucio Psykeeper who levels fast, it's still good!

 2. Lemon-Crucio Formation

The Lemon Formation is what Sno used to level as a Crucio Psykeeper. Basically, you move around in a lemon shape around your FS/RM. By doing this, you have two points at the end of the 'lemon' where you get hit. Make sure you go round enough or else the monster would hit you. This formation helps those who can only take one hit from a monster, such as a Glaphan. By the time you move across to the other tip of the lemon, you would have full health.

 3. Satanology-Crucio Formation

In this formation you cast Satanology on the monster. After doing so, having casted Crucio, you stand near the monster, constantly spamming Satanology because of the low duration of the full sta built Satanology. This is most effective when you can tank on normal hits of the monster and Flyff Penya get healed to full before it hits next because you can just stand there spamming Satanology. Otherwise, you would have to run away after 2 or 3 hits to recover before returning near the monster and spamming Satanology again. This is very useful against criticals as the monster can not chase after you as you fly back from it. This can save you, if done well. These formations are only guides or options you may follow. Experiment, create your own formations. Do what best suits you.

I highly hope it will bring you some useful information, and any questions, please contact our customers service by live chat, we will try to solve your problems as soon as possilbe, click the quick link if you need cheap Flyff Penya. Thanks for your long time support, we will do better ! Have a wonderful time

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