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The Character of Blades and Acrobat in Flyff

Here Goldicq would like to brings you some tips for Flyff classes. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.

Blades, similar to Knights, are also clad in hard shiny armor(Flyff Penya) and are seen as the assassins of Roika. Blades duel wield with axes or swords. Fighting with a Blade does not necessarily mean you have to use two of the same axe or sword. You can mix and match by giving each hand a different weapon.

They are called mainhand, your right hand and offhand, your left. Your mainhand or right handed weapon(Flyff Penya) will always be stronger because it is your attack hand, while your offhand is your defense.

Acrobat: Acrobats, unlike the melee fighting styles of Mercenaries, are long range attackers, meaning they attack from a long distance. Acrobats use bows and a unique weapon called a yo-yo.

Bows are typical to your bow and arrow technique, but yo-yos are small round weapons that are duel wielded and thrown full force at an attacker like a yo-yo and boomerang back to their owner's hands. When you hit level 60 you can choose to become a Jester or Ranger. Acrobats use MP or Mana Points for their Bow skills and FP or Focus Points for their Yo-yo skills.

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