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Something about the Flying in Flyff

Well hello there! This is Goldicq, your old friend. Welcome to our site! Now here is a Flyff guide which selected from the other website. I will post this guide as two articles. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website.

Flying in Flyff(Flyff Penya) is easy; attacking while flying, that takes practice. The controls for flying are fairly simple. To begin, equip your broom or board. Hit spacebar to start or stop, use your WASD keys for movement or use your right mouse button. While flying, you use your middle mouse button (the scroll button) to change the camera angle.

To dismount from your broom or board, simply double click the item(Flyff Penya) in your inventory. There is no falling damage, so you can dismount practically anywhere. Airborne combat takes practice. We still do not have the hang of it. Each flying enemy will have a red target box appear around it when you get close; to target, you must hit the Tab button.

You can cycle through enemies by hitting Tab as well. The next best thing to do is to hit 'Z'. This enables you follow the enemy you have targeted. This is where it gets tricky. You have to keep double-clicking the enemy to attack. You will lose your target if you stop flying or fail to land an attack.

If this happens, you have to start all over by targeting the creature again. Any loot that drops will land in mid air and can be picked up just like loot on the ground. As a melee fighter, you must be within melee range to attack. This means that you stand the chance of becoming motion-sick while attacking in the air, because you will continually circle around your enemy in order to attack it.

Thanks for reading!

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