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Flyff Live Interview at ChinaJoy

MMOSITE.COM: Hello, Richie, I m Seal Danpier from MMOSITE, nice to have a chat with you, what s good news you will bring us on ChinaJoy? 

Richie: I¡¯ve brought news about the next new update and it is going to be released in this autumn hopefully.

MMOSITE.COM: As a brand new type MMO game, Fly for fun has been launched for one years successfully, can you tell me what make it stand out from other MMO games and maintained players?

Richie: In terms of business side, it s a free game, so there will be any burden to access and see the game. And in side of game itself, there are 3 factors. Graphics, Low specification, flying and easy level-up comparing to other MMORPG.

MMOSITE.COM: Almost all the players give a high mark to your durative update, but they still expect you would take a explosive action, so, what about the progress of expansion on your schedule?

Richie: As I ve already mentioned, there will be a new update in this fall that my team has already done with and we are now designing another new update for next year. There will always be something new and fun.

MMOSITE.COM: To make more and more players take part in, will you do some optimize to Flyff Penya events or community?

Richie: My team is now developing a globalized system in terms of events. So if we once develop an event, all users in the world would be able to do it without any additional localization. With this system, users can experience lots of events which are or have been opened in other countries.



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