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Flyff Acrobat Build and Leveling Guide

Hello players , welcome to our website !

This article mainly talks about the Flyff  Acrobat and how to level , if you want to learn something you can read it .

Let me first start off by saying that in order to be a successful Acrobat you will want to know what second job change you want to become. The problem is that Acrobats have three not two job changes. The changes are:

Jester – Uses yoyo to fight monsters and players. Purely for 1vs1 not for Area of Effect. This class is pretty slow at leveling, and it never truly beats bow users until level 90 through 105. On the other hand this class hands down is the better for PvP, and Flyff Penya because it’s not the most popular choice on most servers the armor and weapons are cheaper than for bow users.

The Jester bonus is a 4 percent critical rate for every 10 points on dexterity.


Good critical rate.
Amazing at PvP.
Good for Giant Hunting.


Very slow at leveling.
Don’t get good until level 90.
The self buffs can only be used 1 at a time.
You may need to buy highly increased (+8) or more armor to beat out bow users.

Bow Jester (BJ): Let me first start out saying that this is not a real class; it’s the Jester class with a special build. BJ’s are Jesters except that they use a bow as the name suggests. The only build for a BJ is Pure dexterity, anything you here from others is a lie and untrue (I have a BJ and I know how they are built).

BJ's use the Jesters critical hit rate to an advantage (at level 60 you should have 135 dexterity (if I did my math right) that should amount to a 52 percent critical rate). Keep in mind that BJ’s require a Full Support (FS) assist to properly level. Also keep in mind that at level 90 BJ's are less powerful than there Yoyo Jester counterparts, and Flyff Penya most people have to restart to a Yoyo Jester.


Amazing critical rate.
Pretty good at PvP.
You level from 60 -70 fast.
Good at giant hunting.


Everyone will hate you because many people think that BJ’s cheat!
Expensive (Gbow, high plus on level 45 armor, good equipments, probably a pet because you don’t want to waste time picking up your drops, and Flyff Penya a Restate if you plan on getting past level 90).

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