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Fly for Fun: Flying Guide

† Flying Operation Guide
1. You have to buy a broom or board at the station to be able to fly.
2. Drag or double click your broom or board in your inventory.
3. You can start your flight by pressing spacebar.
4. With pressing right button of the mouse flyff , you can move your head to the direction where you want to move. You can also move your flight object by pressing W. S. A D. key in keyboard.
5. Here it a tip. If you double click the right mouse button. You can change the direction of your flight simply bu moving your mouse.
6. Everyone can fly using any of the flying object regardless of the characters class or job. These are about flying.
† Flying Combat Guide
1. If you have a close distance with a monster while flying, you will see a box around the monster flyff penya.
2. If you press the Tab key, the Target is automatically aimed. Same thing happens if you click the right mouse button.
3. When you are close to a targeted monster, you can attack by clicking the left menu mutton or pressing the insert key.
4. If you press the Z key, auto follow made will be triggered.
5. To get the loots from a flying monster, target the corpse and press proxy key.
6. The default button for the proxy key is F2 of the 1st hotkey slot, it is also the same process with picking items on the ground.
7. When flyff penya, mercenary and assist can attack the enemies in a close range regardless of wapon used. Magicians and acrobat initiate a range attacking. 

† Flying Mission

† Several Clarifications
You cannot use skills
You cannot perform any other attack "animation"
You cannot attack ground monsters
You can still use foods and refreshers
You never take any damage when you fall. Even though it?s as high as Mount Everest flyff penya!
You can talk to NPC?s while flying
Any ground monster cannot attack you while you?re flying. So, when an aggressive monster starts running towards you and you can?t handle it. Just ride your broom/board.
While you?re falling to the ground and an aggressive monster is near your landing position, you will still be attacked!

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